Dra. Carolin De La Rosa

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Punta Cana

Blvd. Turístico del Este Km 5, Punta Cana 23000, edificio Conydra, segundo piso, suite 13,    [email protected]

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Leo MLeo M
00:49 27 Sep 21
While on vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, our daughter sustained significant trauma to her front tooth (intrusive luxation). We ventured out of the hotel to the local hospital where we were referred to the private office of Dr. De la Rosa. She was able to see us immediately. We were impressed from the start: the office was very modern and seemed brand new. We did not have to wait. The doctor spoke fluent English – a big relief for us. Dr. De la Rosa took very thorough history and performed comprehensive physical exam – all could have been recorded and used to teach medical students (being a physician myself, I can spot a true professional). She made precise diagnosis with targeted x-rays and provided immediate pain relief. She saw us the very next day for orthodontic repositioning and stabilization of the tooth. She provided a set of pictures and x-rays in digital format for us to take home. She followed up with us regularly by phone until we left the country.Once back in the US, we saw our dentist, and subsequently an endodontist - both praised Dr. De la Rosa work as excellent. The pictures and x-rays taken by Dr. De la Rosa were very helpful. We feel extremely lucky to have found Dr. Carolina De la Rosa in a country where we knew no one. A world-class service from a world-class doctor.
Shell CadenasShell Cadenas
19:07 23 Apr 21
Very professional, prices accordingly to procedure. Extremely cautious of the COVID situation. Dra. Carolin has been our family doctor for 10 years and still very happy with her. She is very caring. Highly recommended.
Jeff SchuurmanJeff Schuurman
20:44 25 Jan 21
Excelleny dentist! My wife and I haven't been there for many check-ups. She is very competent in her field and her staff as very helpful. I wait expectantly recommend her to families with little kids and she is excellent with him and she is a pediatric dentist.
Beatriz LlerenaBeatriz Llerena
21:47 20 Jan 21
Excellent service and attention to detail. I used to be scared of going to the dentist - not anymore! .. even my 5yr old enjoys his rutine check up! Very happy customer over here 😀